Surprise your users

We have different types of simulators according to the characteristics of your project.

No one will be impassive in your event.

Platforms, sensors, controls and trackers …




Enjoy a virtual driving experience from the comfort of our ergonomic seat.

It is mounted on a solid chassis that allows all movement time and is adjustable to be used by both adults and children.

It has a resistive steering wheel, a set of pedals and optionally a gear shift lever.

We have the latest technology equipment to make your experience unique, whether you choose PC or laptop.


Complete your experience with our variety of sensors, controls and trackers.

With trackers you can capture your movement with fidelity or interact with physical objects in a virtual environment.

You can enjoy any virtual experience, whichever you choose: Tilt Brush, PaintLab, Apollo 11 VR, Everest VR, Mars Odyssey, VR Kitchen Experience, Job Simulator … There are countless experiences!

If you do not find any of your pleasure we can always develop a personalized.

htc vive and oculus rift


Enjoy your virtual experience with our 360 immersive seat.

Thanks to its platform it can rotate 360 degrees to allow the user to fully enjoy the virtual experience, with the comfort and safety that the chair gives you.

It can be customizable using adhesive vinyl to adapt it to your event.



We have VR glasses for all kinds of needs. Whatever the event, we have the best solution.

In 6dlab we were the first to market the cardboard in Spain, improving many aspects and creating a unique, customizable and durable product. cartonglass glasses.

We have cardboard (cardboard) glasses and pvc glasses with focal and interpupillary distance adjustment, like our Proglass II. In addition to Samsung Gear, Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive y Oculus Rift.

We have powerful VR Ready computers with a state-of-the-art component configuration. 

Oculus_section_recotado_Compressed 1


Oculus Rift is a light, comfortable device that fits easily and easily on the head (with straps that can be tightened for a better fit).

It has a foam protector around the visor to prevent discomfort. It has a large space that allows users who have glasses to enjoy the device without any hassle. A dial on the device itself can also adjust the interior lenses to ensure that the image is obtained as clear and clear as possible.

  • Screen: 2 OLED 5” screens (1080 x 1200 píxeles per eye)
    Resolution: 2160 x 1200 px
    Field Of View: 110º
    Refresh frequency: 90Hz


With its 32 sensors, these VR glasses will follow you wherever you go, without dead angles, by covering the 360º so you can move with total freedom. You only put the limit.

It also has a foam protector that facilitates the use of glasses without discomfort. It has a large space that allows users who have glasses to enjoy the device without any hassle. Like Oculus Rift, HTC has a dial to adjust the distance between lenses to get a clear image.

It has a front camera to merge virtual reality and real life, allowing users to switch to a camera to observe their physical environment.

  • Screen: OLED 5” screen (1080 x 1200 píxeles)
    Resolution: 2160 x 1200 px
    Field Of View: 110º
    Refresh frequency: 90Hz


The Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses are totally wireless and lightweight.

They need a Samsung mobile compatible with them to enjoy a virtual experience. The virtual reality experience that it offers is still below what other systems that require a computer offer but in exchange you can enjoy them anywhere.

  • Screen: It depends on the mobile (5,7”).
    Resolution: It depends on the mobile (2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED).
    Field Of View: 96º
    Refresh frequency: 60Hz


Our rigid viewer with 40mm diameter lenses and a 120º FOV. It has a face shield to make them comfortable to wear and has two dials to adjust the distance between lenses and focal length.

It is adaptable for mobiles up to 8.5cm x 16cm and includes a capacitive button that allows you to interact with the screen of your device.

Take a look at a detailed description on our website

Microsoft HoloLens b


Unlike other glasses, HoloLens do not need a device, they carry everything necessary and work autonomously.

It has a HoloLens Graphics GPU thanks to which we get an incredible experience by projecting holograms on the lenses.