We transform the latest technological trends (AR & VR) into innovative products

Are you a company that wants to implement AR&VR technology in its processes?

In 6DLab we integrate the innovation of these technologies in your company.

We use the latest trends in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.


Innovation and technology in your projects



The immersive tool capable of revolutionizing training processes.

We develop Ad hoc Virtual Reality apps to carry out Human Resources training in different areas: Biotechnology, Occupational Risk Prevention, Emergency Equipment Training, etc.

We use the latest technologies in the market, like ARCore / ARKit.



ArCore, Arkit, Project Tango 

6DLab is at the technological forefront, and we are pioneers in starting with App developments with absolute positioning in Augmented Reality and Virtual.

Tools for Industry 4.0, Tourism, Architecture, Medicine training, etc.



Biometric sensors to parameterize VR and AR

6DLab uses the latest advances in sensor technology, such as Leap Motion or Eye tracker, Live Tracker.

We establish analytical tools that allow us to parameterize the experiences developed in VR and AR to obtain data from users and be able to carry out personalized campaigns.



Virtual worlds and behavior analysis in clients

6DLab implements the latest developments in neurosensory monitoring (Mindwave), with the aim of analyzing the behavior of users when they are in a virtual simulation.

If you know how your customers think, you can offer them the best solution based on their actual demands.


Electronic accessories and assets for VR equipment.

6DLab also develops customized electronic components to incorporate them into virtual reality experiences, providing them with an extra value that multiplies the immersive sensation through multi sensory stimulation.