Facebook and Unity come together to develop games

The social network with the most users in the world, Facebook has reached an agreement with Unity.

The most widely used videogame development tool for virtual reality and augmented reality games, 2D and 3D. In this way they have managed to get the developers of this platform to take their games to Facebook, and thus integrate the PC game into the social network of  Mark Zuckerberg.

The new version of Unity will allow developers to easily export the game to the platform that Facebook is developing, which aims to be an update to the “Facebook Games Arcade” project that was announced last May.

With this strategy, Facebook, aims to reach more than 650M users.

This is what the project “Facebook Games Arcade Beta” looked like:


When will you be able to enjoy this platform?

Some developers already have access to this functionality right now, and those who want to access it can register here . Applications will be accepted for this initial trial until August 31, 2016.

The Facebook SDK for Unity offers a wide collection of Facebook social features, giving players of the game developed in Unity < / strong> the ability to share content with your friends and allowing you to create a personal and social gaming experience. In addition to providing a basic set of functions that are constantly invoked across platforms, the SDK also offers support for Facebook features that are unique to a particular platform (eg, payments on the Web). ). This will allow you to keep your code clean, using a simple and consistent model for everything your game can do in Facebook .

We hope to have more news and to be able to enjoy the games developed from the end of the year or in the next year 2017. In the meantime it will be time to wait.

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