What is Digital Transformation?

Our experience at the Digital Enterprise Show 2018
During the Digital Business World Congress, # DES2018, held at IFEMA in Madrid from May 22 to 24, 6DLab has shown its own presence in the stand A001 its leadership position in the digital transformation of our country.

#DES2018 is a global platform that allows attendees to learn, experience, know, compare and choose the most advanced solutions. It is a must-attend event for any business leader prepared to face the challenge of digitally transforming their businesses and being part of the new digital economy, if they do not want to be isolated from the market and left behind.

But what is digital transformation? Internet and disruptive technologies are transforming society and businesses. In this new competitive environment are changing consumer habits and therefore the business models of companies.

This vision was the one that we had the opportunity to transmit in our intervention on business applications of AR / VR. We titled it: Disruptive Solutions to transform the world and in it we explained the convenience of the solutions with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies with a high impact on the consumer, compared to 90% of companies in the sector that focus only on conventional marketing From 6DLab we do projects, not concepts.

The digital transformation is not a technological change, it is a change of business culture through technology. There is a new way to reach our customers and society, and it is not immediately, but through processes. In 6DLab we want to accompany you in the transition from the current models and obsolete and obsolete management infrastructures, to become true catalysts of innovation in your company or project.

Consumption habits change. There are fewer barriers but more business projects. The communication strategy of the companies goes from unidirectionality to bidirectionality, which fosters new business models. And users demand more innovation, to improve their quality of life.

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