Have You Been Scammed By Valuta Markets? Get Your Money Back from Valuta Markets

Do you want to get your money back from Valuta Markets? This article will show you how 6D Lab can help.


You should be on the lookout for Valuta Markets, an unregistered offshore broker that is based in a well-known offshore scam haven. Therefore, trading with it might not result in any positive outcomes. The company does not have what it takes to compete with the typical Forex broker of today.


These are all very solid reasons to steer clear of trading with Valuta Markets. In this article, we explore why Valuta Markets is not reliable and how you can get your money back from Valuta Markets.


An Overview of the Valuta Markets

According to our study of Valuta Markets, day traders or investors only have access to the basic MT4 trading platform. The broker advertises a web-based trading platform on its website, but it is not yet functional. Many other underlying assets can be traded, such as currency pairs, commodities (like gold, oil, and silver), market indices, and CFDs for trading shares.


Since they believe they will be able to make more money that way, many novice investors search for offshore brokers offering high leverage of 400:1. Trading with high leverage is very risky, and because new traders don’t know about the risks, they lose all of their money very quickly.


A new trading account at Valuta Markets requires a $250 minimum deposit. You can open several trading accounts with different currencies, such as dollars, euros, or pounds, just like any other MT4 broker. Credit cards, bitcoin, and USDT can all be used to make deposits. They make use of LionPay, CoinPayments, or VaultsPay as their payment processors. Soon after you sign up with this broker, their salesman will probably call you and ask for a big deposit.

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Deposit/ Withdrawal Methods

According to information gathered from the website and legal documents, Valuta Markets accepts credit cards and wire transfers as payment methods. However, there is a choice to pay with credit cards in the deposit menu through unidentified service providers like lion-pay.com and vaultspay.com, as well as several cryptocurrencies. We are unsure of the terms that apply to bitcoin transactions because they are not explicitly specified anywhere. Scammers like to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method because they can’t be returned.


Valuta Markets imposes a hefty withdrawal fee of EUR 10 under the terms and conditions if the sum is less than EUR 250 by bank transfer or EUR 20 by credit card. The majority of regulated brokers never charge any transaction fees.


If you request a chargeback, Valuta Markets reserves the right to charge you a 60 EUR administrative fee. Valuta Markets charges 10% of the amount, but not less than EUR 25 if the account has been inactive for more than 90 days. Once more, these are costs that trustworthy brokers either don’t charge or charge significantly less for.


Our Procedure

For those who invest in online trading, it can be challenging to determine whether the money lost was a result of normal trading risks or if the loss was purposefully staged. In some cases, it can even be difficult to determine with certainty if you have fallen victim to a forex broker scam without professional guidance.


Online trading is always a gamble, so it’s possible to lose the money you invest, but this does not make losing money due to mishandled money acceptable.


Although nobody can promise to recover all losses, in most circumstances, at least some of the investment can be made up for. The first step in taking action is to tell the authorities about the con artists. This lets the courts take action and, if necessary, freeze funds.


The actions to take to recover trading losses are as follows:

  • Report the broker to the authorities.
  • If you used a credit card, get in touch with your bank and ask them to restrict the transactions.
  • Make sure the broker has a license so you can rely on the country’s regulatory authority.
  • Speak with a lawyer that has experience in online trading.
  • Work with a skilled fund recovery company, like 6D Lab.


You can ask for a chargeback if you want to get your money back from Valuta Markets. However, you can only do this if you made the purchases using a credit or debit card. This may be accomplished in 540 days with Visa and MasterCard. But these claims might not be true if you have given the con artists proof of who you are, like a driver’s license or proof of where you live.


In any case, you should tell the right people in your country about the scammers and warn other people who might fall for it online. Offers to return your money for a price upfront should not be trusted.

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Our Result

It can be incredibly upsetting to lose your hard-earned money to a con artist, whether online or off, especially if you trust the individual. Fortunately, there are various options for recovering your money. However, these procedures rely on the form of payment you used to send the funds. In general, all payment options involving wire transfers or hard currency are challenging. However, if you paid with a credit or debit card, the chargeback policy might apply to you.


Let us know if you have become a victim of the Valuta Markets scam. 6D Lab can help you get your money back from Valuta Markets regardless of whether you or someone close to you has been associated with this fraudulent firm.


We have a lot of expertise in fighting online trading scammers. Make a reservation for a free consultation with one of our experts by calling us. The earlier you get in touch with us, the earlier we can kick off the process of getting your money back from Valuta Markets.

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