What We Do

Intelligence Gathering

Global Intelligence Gathering

Using methods of cross-border intelligence gathering otherwise unavailable to commercial organisations we can decipher complex multinational corporations to locate and trace financial assets fed through concealed offshore accounts, subsidiaries or director dealings.

6D Lab work closely with clients to assess the challenges faced in rapidly changing landscapes. We deliver the most appropriate solution to meet their needs and provide them with a competitive commercial advantage.

Deep Intelligence

We are often contracted by organisations to identify potential security risks posed by employees. In such circumstances due diligence can monitor personal finances, identify hidden asset-related kickbacks or commissions from competitors or to ascertain whether people of significant interest to or within an organisation have links to criminal or fraudulent activities, either past or present.

Our searches are so deep they do not leave a foot-print. As such our services are attractive to courts and HNWIs to locate and recover concealed assets or by legal/corporate entities to conduct discreet investigations where sensitivity is absolutely critical.

Intelligence Resources

We harvest information from hundreds of intelligence, financial, criminal and dark-net sources and can access more date (90%) than any commercial organization in the UK (14%). This enables our clients to make strategic decisions based upon hard evidence rather than speculation. The reliability of our investigations often means that 6D Lab becomes an integral part of our client’s ongoing business framework.

Proactive versus Reactive Intelligence

We are often approached to resolve matters in a reactive capacity such as investment fraud or asset recovery where a civil or criminal offence has already occurred. However, it makes sound business sense to be proactive by continually assessing risk before it harms your organisation. This may come in the form of ongoing investment reviews, potential security risks posed by employees due to a change in their personal circumstances or partners/associates that have links to criminal or fraudulent activities.

Free Consultation

At 6D Labs, we pay listening ears to every of your complaints and offer you free litigation advice

Claims Evaluation

We investigate, analyze your claims, then structure the best route to take in the recovery process.

Fund Recovery

We process recovery of funds taken from you unjusty after thorough evaluation.

Excellent Customer Care

Our customer care is empathetic because we understand how saddening losing money can be.

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