Have You Been Scammed By MaxCFD? We Can Get Your Money Back

Have you been scammed by MaxCFD?

You have a good chance of getting your funds back.

Different unregulated brokers like MaxCFD are on the loose and are going about scamming people.

Global Assets Recovery helps victims of scam brokers get their hard-earned money back from these scammers.

If you have done a transaction with MaxCFD and you believe you’ve been scammed by them, we can help you get your money back.

We don’t recommend trading with MaxCFD because they have been suspected as a scam broker.

If you are currently trading with them, we suggest you get in touch with them immediately and try to withdraw your funds from them.

Keep reading to understand our fund recovery process and how we can help you get your money back from MaxCFD and other scam brokers.

Our Process

One of the worst things that can happen to traders is to find out that they cannot log in to their trading accounts.

One common scene is that when traders try to sign in and are unable to do so.

They may keep trying but they cannot change their password.

As the company’s website is down and they cannot log in, traders start feeling that something is not right.

They may get in touch with the company’s customer service but with no tangible outcome.

Their emails may also go unanswered.

These situations sound horrible but they usually occur.

It is disheartening that the disappearance of scam brokers is getting more rampant.

If you cannot log in to the MaxCFD website, then it is a sign of a scam.

There is nothing wrong with a site experiencing technical problems but if there is no solution to signing in, then it’s a sign that you’ve been scammed.

Our fund recovery experts have investigated MaxCFD login complaints and have also checked out the broker’s service.

We have also carried out a brief intelligence report on the login issue and can conclude that they are scammers.

Here at 6D Lab, we follow the following steps to retrieve your funds:


The first step is to review your case.

We will carry out preliminary checks to determine if the case on ground can be won (based on our experience in the industry).

Gathering of Evidence

In this step, we will collect all the documentation and information that we need to successfully fight your case.

Confront the Scammers

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary documentation, we will then confront the entities involved in scamming you.

Recover Your Money

We pride ourselves as experts in recovering funds lost to scam brokers and we assure you that we will do all it takes to get your money back.

File a Chargeback Request

One of the methods that we will use to recover your funds involves filing a chargeback with your credit card provider.

This is the most effective method for getting back your money from scam brokers.

We can help you file a dispute with the issuing bank on the transaction.

Once we file the request, the bank will investigate the claim and determine if it is valid within a few weeks.

If the dispute is valid, the bank will then pass the claim to the broker’s bank.

The broker’s bank will notify the broker of the dispute.

The broker will be notified that the funds have been removed from their account and have been refunded to the victim.

If you understand the process, you can file a chargeback on your own.

Our experts can also assist you and walk you through the challenging process.

What You Can Do if MaxCFD Disappears

If you are finding it difficult to log in, it may be a sign that you’ve been scammed.

If the broker’s site cannot be assessed for some time, get in touch with our experts and we will guide you on the right steps to take to get your money back.

Our team of fund recovery experts is familiar with broker login problems and other forms of scams.

We can detect problems and also has in-depth knowledge of the industry.

We work closely with regulatory bodies in the financial industry and this relationship, coupled with our expertise, will be used to deal with your complaints.

Don’t hesitate to report if you have been scammed by MaxCFD.

Our Result

Consulting with 6D Lab is not just a great idea, it can also make the difference between getting your hard-earned money back and giving up on securing a refund.

Although there are no guarantees that you will always get a full refund, we can increase your chances of success.

Our fund recovery professionals have the experience, skills, and connections that will be used to negotiate on your behalf and track down scammers.

We can also help you create fund recovery reports and investigations that will make it easier to locate scam brokers and retrieve your funds.

Talk to the fund recovery experts at Global Assets Recovery to discuss your situation.

Scammers usually act quickly, so don’t delay in contacting us so that we can quickly commence the process of tracking them down.

Wrapping Up

6D Lab does not recommend trading with MaxCFD since the broker has been suspected to be a scammer.

If you are currently trading with them, withdraw your funds immediately.

If you are not able to withdraw your funds, don’t hesitate to report them to us.

Don’t give up while trying to recover your funds.

We can help you fight your case and get your money back.

Start by reporting the situation to our fund recovery team and we will provide you with information on how we will go about the process of getting your money back.

Reclaim what's rightfully yours. Let us recover your assets.

Speak directly with our knowledgeable agents to address your specific needs.