Have You Been Scammed By Pax-Capital? We Can Get Your Money Back from Pax-Capital

If you want to get your money back from Pax-Capital, read this article to the end to discover how 6D Lab can help you.


You run the risk of losing money whenever you invest. This may occur as a result of poor investment performance, the bankruptcy of your investment business, or outright fraud. Depending on why your investment failed, you might be able to get your money back after you lose it.


Keep reading to learn how 6D Lab may assist you in getting your money back from Pax-Capital.

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How Investment Fraud Operates

Investment scams are classified into three types:

  • The investment with a fake offer.
  • Money invested doesn’t go towards the investment (although the investment exists).
  • The fraudster pretends to represent a reputable company.


No matter the type that you fall for, the money you ‘invest’ is directly deposited into the bank account of the fraudster and is not used for actual investments. If your money is given to an international scammer, it is quite difficult to get it back.


Every scam is unique, and anyone might fall victim to one. Scams can appear real at the time and are frequently very difficult to detect. Scammers can imitate reputable businesses by using applications and websites with a professional appearance.


Strategies Used By Investment Fraudsters

They operate from overseas

Most scammers operate overseas because they believe it will be hard to find them. Every time you make a payment, they can ask you to deposit money into different bank accounts. It is risky to invest in foreign corporations and investment banking firms (like Pax-Capital).


They can convince you not to withdraw your investment

Scammers use this tactic by telling their victims that the value of their investment will rise, or they might threaten them with fines or legal action. Asking for “insurance” or “taxes” before investing money is a common ploy. This is merely another technique to rob victims of their money.

Our Procedure: How to Get Your Money Back from Pax-Capital

The prevalence of investment fraud scams has increased with the development of technology. If you’ve been scammed by Pax-Capital, the following steps will guide you to recover your funds.


Report the fraud

The first step to recouping your losses is reporting the scam. You need to report the scam to the necessary authorities. This will make them aware of the scam and they will be able to do all they can to retrieve your money.


Contact your bank

Contacting your bank is the second step for victims of investment fraud. You could be eligible to file a claim based on your payment method at the time of the investment fraud:


Credit card

Credit card payments have higher levels of protection and liability than other payment methods, so it’s essential to alert your credit card provider as soon as you become aware of fraudulent behavior, even though recovery isn’t assured.


Debit card

While some banks participate in chargeback programs, there is no guarantee that your bank will recover the funds through chargeback. To improve your chances of getting your money back, report the investment scam to your bank as soon as you can.


Bank transfer

If you have been the victim of an investment fraud scheme that convinced you to transfer money (such as a 419 scam), contact your bank immediately. The bank may be able to get the money back.



If money has been taken from your bank account without your consent, you may be able to make a claim. If this occurs, contact your bank immediately.


Submit all fraud-related documentation

It’s crucial to gather as much information and evidence as you can to recover your money from investment banking firms, like Pax-Capital. Your claim will be supported by this information. If you can, gather the crucial pieces of information listed below and keep them in one place:

  • The identity of the fraudster
  • The fraudster’s email and postal addresses
  • The fraudster’s phone number
  • The webpage of the fraudster
  • Contact information and the timeline
  • Police report and a crime number
  • Bank records that confirm the investment


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Speak with a fund recovery company

While recovering from investment fraud, it’s important to use professional help. Hire the services of a company that specializes in investment fraud to make sure you are receiving sound guidance. 6D Lab has successfully defended clients in a series of cases where they were scammed of their hard-earned money.


Our fund recovery experts are dedicated to both the defense and the prosecution of cases. As a result, whether you are an individual, solicitor, corporation, or government body, we offer our clients a broader skill set and greater depth of knowledge from which to draw.


Decide on a course of action

You will be better prepared to decide how to move forward with the recovery once you have heard back from your banks and a fund recovery company. The bank or credit card company may have been successful in recovering the money, but if the process proves to be more challenging, our team of skilled fund recovery professionals is here to assist.


Our Result

6D Lab is a consulting and investigation firm that works mostly with those who have lost money to online fraud. Our specialty is dealing with internet scams, and we help people who have been scammed by settling disputes, finding digital fingerprints, doing cyber analysis, and conducting thorough investigations.


We urge you to look up our registration details or to come to meet us in person and promise complete transparency throughout the entire process. The service is incredibly simple to use and yields positive outcomes.


Every year, there are tens of millions of victims all across the world. We know how to get your money back and have assisted thousands of scam victims from all over the world in doing the same. No matter how complicated your issue is, we have a solution for you.

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