Have You Been Scammed by Gloffix? 6D Lab Can Help You Recover Your Funds

If you have been scammed by Gloffix, this article will show you how 6D Lab can help you get back your money.

After a fraudulent forex broker steals from you, you should be able to retrieve the stolen money without going through any stress. The services that are available today make it easy to track your finances and back up your details. However, some risks are associated with getting back your stolen money from a fraudulent forex broker. One of such risks is choosing the right fund recovery company that can help you retrieve your money. This is where the process of recovering your funds starts.

Read on to discover why 6D Lab is the right company to help you retrieve your funds if you have been scammed by Gloffix and any scam Forex broker.

Our Procedure

There are lots of scammers on the internet; this makes it difficult for the average internet user to go through all the noise and find a legitimate business that they can invest their money into. This is why fund recovery services, like 6D Lab, play a useful role in helping people that have been victimized by fraudsters.

6D Lab acts as a legal middle man between those that have fallen victims to scammers and the scam companies that duped them. We help you get your money back from scam companies and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

When you lose your hard-earned money to scam forex brokers, the right thing to do is to hire the service of a professional fund recovery company, like 6D Lab. The fund recovery process involves different steps and decision-making. This may take some time for you to adjust to. We will spend time gathering all the evidence that will put you in the right position to retrieve your stolen funds.

If you think retrieving your money from fraudsters can be easily done through a legal case and hiring the service of an attorney that is adept at such matters, you need to realize that the fund recovery process is long. You will need some time to win a case against online scammers.

One of the numerous techniques that we use to retrieve your funds is the broker chargeback process. This method offers us the highest success rates and we have used it to help hundreds of victims recover their money.

Highlighted below is how the technique works:

Reviewing your Request

When you send us your complaint via our online contact form, we will kick-start the fund recovery process by reviewing your case. One of our advisors will contact you to educate you about our fund recovery process and the options you have. The advisor will also request more details to help us have a better understanding of your case to know if it is eligible for a chargeback.

Gathering of Evidence

We will walk you through the process of gathering all evidence (such as emails, recordings, bank and credit billings, receipts, and lots more) that are relevant to your complaint. The evidence will be used to retrieve your money.

Building Your Case

After critically analyzing your case and discovering that it is eligible for a chargeback, and after gathering all the relevant evidence, we will then proceed to arrange the necessary information so that we can effectively present them to the financial institutions that can help in the fund recovery process.

This is one of the most complex steps in recovering your money. You need to have an in-depth understanding of the law when you are dealing with the financial institutions concerned. You also need to know the terms of service of the banks and credit card companies as well as the chargeback mechanisms.

Our experience in the fund recovery industry can help you scale through this complicated process so that you can be closer to getting back your money.

Confronting the Scam Broker

In some cases, you can get back your money by confronting the scam broker. We have an in-depth understanding of how these scammers work. As a result, we can hit them where it hurts. Our expertise terrifies them and once we step in, they know trouble is beckoning to them.

Confronting Financial Agencies and Institutions

These include banks and credit companies and online payment service providers. If the scam broker is determined not to return your money, we will get in touch with their bank or their payment service providers. We will also contact your bank or credit card company (depending on the method you used to fund your Forex trading account).

The steps above are some of the methods 6D Lab uses to retrieve your money from fraudulent Forex brokers. Get in touch with us to learn more about how 6D Lab can help you get back what’s yours.

Our Result

If you have been scammed by Gloffix, you may be able to recover your money through the fund recovery service offered by 6D Lab. With the help of our fund recovery specialists, you can be assured that your funds will be safe. We have saved tons of clients the time and stress of recovering their money. Just as we’ve done for our clients, we will get rid of your financial worries because we are adept at all the legal aspects of retrieving your money.

With us by your side, you will have a higher chance of recovering your lost funds, irrespective of what the case is. When it comes to dealing with scam Forex brokers, we are your go-to fund recovery company. Our services can also protect you from fraud. Our professionals have strong connections with banks and regulators. They also understand how to make your claim persuasive so that we can have a successful fund recovery process.

If you have been scammed by Gloffix, get in touch with us today to design a strategy (using our effective tools and innovative fund recovery methods) to recover your stolen money.

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